The Average Agency Zafer Sadaoui was established in Aleppo, Syria in 1976 and its professional services are disposable all over the Syrian territory, including the seaports of Lattakia and Tartous, the International Airports in Damascus and Aleppo and the Duty Free Zones of Aleppo, Homs and Damascus.

The owner, Mr. Zafer Sadaoui, served his professional services in Insurance Business at Nordstern
Insurance Company in Cologne, with emphasis on Marine Insurance. In 1964 he graduated as an industrial manager at the German Insurance Academy, with the main field Marine Insurance.

Mr. Waiel Sadaoui, Junior Director is working in Aleppo head office; he studied Insurance Business and Economy in Great Britain. After having learned the German language, he was active as a volunteer with renowned German underwriters for 2.5 years. He speaks Arabic, English, French and German.
He is in charge of our foreign sister companies in Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Iraq and Lebanon as well as effecting orders in the remaining Arabic countries.

Since 1979 the Avarage Agency Zafer Sadaoui has been active for the whole Marine Insurance markets of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France, as well as for renowned underwriters in further European states, amongst those being The Netherlands, Norway, Italy and the United Kingdom.

In special, delicate cases of heavy losses and discharge supervisions or to prevent heavy losses, insurers and/or their clients would rely on the services provided by our Average Agency in further Arab states, Iran and the south of Turkey.

Underwriters may profit from the following services:

  • · Surveys of all kinds of cargo
  • · Inspections of vessels
  • · Supervisions of discharge in all the Syrian seaports
  • · Unloading supervisions in Duty Free Zones, customs-districts and consignees' warehouses
  • · Reports dealing with loss prevention measures
  • · Reports on traffic and harbour conditions in Syria and Arab countries
  • · Quality & Quantity Control for various kinds of goods, such as
    § Cotton
    § Leather articles
    § Skins
    § Textile goods
    § Fodder concentrates
    § Cereals
    § Victuals
    § Fruits
    § Vegetables
    § Chemicals
    § Mineral oil

In case of need Average Agency Zafer Sadaoui is cooperating with renowned experts on these fields :

·1 Mechanical engineering
·2 Electrical engineering
·3 Chemistry
·4 Food technology
·5 Livestock etc.

On request, it will be a pleasure to mail detailed information on the previously mentioned Average Agencies.

All correspondence is being handled through Aleppo Head- Office in the following languages:

· German
· English
· French


All correspondence is handled through our Head-Office in Aleppo:


Zafer Sadaoui
Sa'adallah Al Jabri Square
Shabarek Building, 1st Floor
P.O. Box 6325
Aleppo - Syria

Phone : Office    (00963 21) 2225088
Private :            (00963 21) 2681699
Fax :                 (00963 21) 2242013
E-mail :   


Zafer Sadaoui
c/o Ramzi Izzo & Sadaoui
Tessa Ashrin Ajar St.
P.O. Box 3234
Damascus - Syria

Phone : Office : (00963 11) 232 16 44
: (00963 11) 232 16 45
: (00963 11) 232 16 14
Private : (00963 11) 6121016 + 6118013


Zafer Sadaoui
c/o Saba Dakar
Aid Building
Facing Al-Awkaf Building
P.O. Box 107
Lattakia - Syria

Phone : Office : (00963 41) 474809
Private : (00963 41) 464520


Zafer Sadaoui
c/o Adel Said
Palestine St.
P.O. Box 289
Tartous / Syria
Phone : (00963 43) 326140