Welcome to Sadaoui Marine Surveyor.

The Agency at a glance:

Sadaoui Surveyors is one of the leading surveying services providers in the Middle East and was established in Aleppo Syria in 1976.

Head Office: is located in Aleppo, Syria.

Region of Business:

Its professional services are available all over the Syrian territories, including the international airports of Damascus and Aleppo, and the Duty free zones of Aleppo, Homs and Damascus.

It has developed a large region of business in the Middle East, mainly in Arab, North African countries, Turkey and Iran. And we are present through partnership companies in Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Libya and Lebanon with over /40/ surveyors.

We are acting as expert surveyors on behalf of all the German, Austrian, Swiss and French Insurance Companies without exception as well as we are accredited by most of the Western European and previously Eastern European Underwriters in the remaining European countries.

Professional Services:

Sadaoui Surveyors provides the following professional services:

* Expert reports which are trusted in grand European insurance companies.  
* Carries out Pre-risk surveys on behalf of insurers and the insurance companies.    
* Has the expertise in, Safety inspections, Loss prevention studies. Business continuity is taken into consideration while surveying.     

Marine Division

 *Surveys of all kinds of cargo.
 *Supervision of loading and discharging operations.
 *Quality & Quantity control for various kinds of goods.
*Inspection of the vessels \ Hull,  Hold surveys.
 *Draft surveys.
*Reports on traffic and harbor conditions in Syria and neighbor countries
*Convoying transports.
*Reports dealing with loss prevention measures.
*Marine feasibility studies.
*Sinking investigations

Fire insurance

* Pre-risk surveying.
* Studying all fire and alarm systems' distribution 
* Estimating physical and moral hazards, maximum loss possibility, and   loss reduction.    
*  Identifying causes of fire
* providing expert reports  

Other insurance fields
related to life, health and Car insurance.

Sadaoui Surveyors has broadened its fields of specialist services, such as detecting information, documents providing, and settlements of losses supported by experts' reports.     

All correspondence whatsoever is being handled through the Aleppo Head office in  English,  German or  French.